Sunday, January 6, 2013

Good Ol' Hockey Game

There's so much to absorb from today. And I was away from the news for most of the day. I actually made my 4th trip up to Albany to see the Albany Devils (of course, the NJ Devils' AHL affiliate). Along with some other errands, it took me away from things for most of the day after the early early morning reports were coming out.

Let me just say this, while I try to write something more profound during the week. I'm happy that the NHL league/owners and players finally got this thing figured out. It ended better than I had thought and feared.

And I commend all of the reporters who were in NYC during the past week covering the lockout and marathon sessions, especially the ones that stayed up all night last night and well into the Sunday morning period to start reporting on the news. They kept all of us informed on twitter throughout the madness, and they were there to report the good news at about 5am today after waiting and watching all night. They are true professionals.

I'll have more in the next day or two. I don't care much about the details. I just care that they got it right so this doesn't happen again.

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