Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Devils Are Doing It Wrong

Very simple. The Devils are staging a 1995 Stanley Cup Championship Reunion Weekend in March. The highlights for the fans are an Alumni game to be held March 7 at the practice rink and a pregame ceremony on March 8. It should be noted that there is a concert on the evening of March 7 at the Prudential Center.

While this is great for the players to reunite (especially for the half of the team that doesn't currently work for the Devils), this is for the fans.

So what sense does it make to have the alumni game at the practice rink instead of the main arena? Didn't they know it would be a hot ticket? Of course they did, they priced at $50 a ticket (plus ticketmaster fees and taxes that were almost another $5). But there's very very limited capacity in the practice rink. Tickets were gone shortly after the season ticket holder presale opened this morning. Think about how much money they could have raised for the Devils Alumni Association charities if they sold out the lower bowl inside Prudential Center. They drew well a couple of years ago when the Devils Alumni plus some friends played against Russian old timers to benefit Hurricane Sandy. This would draw well too.

So if they're doing this for the fans, why couldn't they find another weekend and then stage this game in the main arena? Instead, they're making this available for a very very limited number of people (and at a price more expensive than most game tickets). The new Devils owners got it wrong this time.

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